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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


.... cherries and more cherries!

Here we are back at the stash!  If you look real hard you'll be able to see some bags of cherries.  That's todays project.

I've got three bags of cherries that I'm going to take all apart

In this particular bag I have 5 groups of cherries 

You'll notice if you look very closely that there is one wire that is wrapped around all the others holding this group together

Very carefully I begin to unwrap the wire

Just a couple twists to go

I now have 6 seperate cherries.  I will now gently straighten each wire out

Excellent!  I'll continue on to unwrap the remaining cherries

Here are all the cherries from the first bag

On to the next bag
You'll notice these are just slightly different.  This bag and the last bag are all covered in red glitter.  The two types of cherries combined together will add another great element and more texture to the tree adding lots of dimension as well.

Like the other cherries, I unwrap the wires to seperate

This group appears to be one big twist together but the idea is still the same.  Once you begin to unwrap one wire they're pretty easy to seperate

Here is the first bag all seperated

And here are both done

Look at all those cherries.  The pile on the left have glitter and the pile on the right are without

What I've done here is taken three cherries, mixing two glittery ones and one without.  I've also done the reverse, taken two cherries without glitter and one with.  I've seperated all the cherries into groups of three.  The concept of working with items in odd numbers applies to your Christmas decorating as well.  Odd groupings is just that much more pleasing to the eye.

Holding three cherries together

Making sure I have the wires together

I will hold the stems gently so not to loose any cherries off their stems (glue works great should that happen and probably will)

I begin to wrap one of the wires around the two others just like they started out before I seperated them


And I'm done.  It really doesn't take that long

So here is my first group of cherries

I'm done wrapping all the cherries together now and you'll notice a group of five wrapped together at the top of the picture.  I had two cherries left over and I didn't want to have a group of two so I added them to one of the groups of three. 

I'm sure you've heard many times about working with odd numbers of items when decorating.  The same rule applies here as well.  Odd numbers of items are just that more pleasing to the eye than even numbers.  This has actually worked in my favour with the group of five and I know exactly where it's going to go.  I'll show you that later.

Let's recap what I have ready to go so far.

My tree


Gold glittery stems

And now the cherries.  Only a couple more to go...I promise!  The next one's real work involved at all.

Wherever you are in you day I hope you are enjoying it.
Wishing you many happy creations.


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  1. It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....! Intrigued to see how it is going to turn out!


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