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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Dollar Store Christmas Tree

I can't believe how my little dollar store has transformed into a gorgeous Christmas tree!

I want to share with everyone how I finished the base of tree which began as a 4" green plastic flower pot

Here is the pot I'm going to cover

I purchased this gift wrap fabric from the dollar store and I'm also showing the cord I'm going to add at the very end

I open the fabric and cut it in half.  I place the first piece down as shown

I place the second piece on top in the opposite direction

I place the tree in the middle of the fabric

I begin to tuck the fabric into the top of the plastic flower pot as shown

I continue to tuck the fabric in all the way around the entire pot


Once it is all tucked in I add the cord and tie it tightly around the pot.  I've knotted the ends of the cord so it doesn't fray.  Now the base of the tree is stunning!

Here is the finished tree with the covered base.  I will just tuck the fabric in a little more so the end of the fabric is in line with the bottom branches of the tree. 

Is that not a fantastic tree? 



What a transformation!!

Here is a breakdown of the cost

Tree                                                                                 $2.00

2 candle rings at $1.00 each                                           $2.00

Gold glittery branches 3 at $1.00 each                            $3.00

2 bags of Cherries at $1.00 each                                     $2.00

1 bag of pine cones                                                         $1.00

Fabric Gift Wrap                                                             $1.25

Wire used a portion of the $0.87                                    $0.15

Gold cording-used a portion of the $2.00                      $0.45

Ribbon-only used a portion of the 50 yards at $7.96    $0.75 

 (plus my time)

I hope this tree has inspired many to create something wonderful this Holiday Season.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at

Wherever you are in your day, I hope you are enjoying it.
Wishing you many wonderful creations!



  1. O wow, I love it!! What a transformation - and I stumbled across bunches of cherries (or very large berries) in Hobbycraft here in the UK on Tuesday, so we can get them!

    Would you care to come and decorate our place for Christmas now please :)?

    Di xx

  2. Absolutely fantastic!! I've been to Poundland today with my daughter and they had Christmas trees in for £1 each so I have bought 2. My daughter couldn't believe I was buying such tatty trees but I told her to wait and see...........


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